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Riverview Improvement Association

Quarterly Meeting
Nov 13, 2017

Meeting called to order: 7:03pm

In attendance: Kevin & Kathy, Stephanie, Tricia, Linda & David, Bill, Nick, Steve W., Councilman Ladouceur, Representative Solomon, George W., Karen B, Officer Waldman

Officer's Report (Sept-present)

Calls made to police for incidents including: disturbance of peace on beach/fireworks, speeding on Tidewater, an auto theft on Longmeadow and other larcencys, misc. suspicious activity, intoxication, drug violations, open fire, stop sign violations.  A neighbor asked if BB guns were allowed for rodents -no.  A neighbor brought up that there have been issues with a rental property on Pender.

Councilman Ladouceur:
Gas pipe near Tidewater bridge -the gas co. came back to put the valve at the correct height. 
Drains were completed, for driveway flooding issues near bridge.  City did a complete cleanup after the Oct 29th storm

Representative Joe Solomon, Jr:

Car tax phase out will take approx. 6 years.  Also talked about the opioid epidemic, sex offender notification laws (school bus stops), and McCoy Stadium.  Also noted that he is pushing for a sales tax holiday in 2018.

Karen Bachus, School Committee Member:
Talked about School Administration spending -school administration building A/Cs installed (former Gorton Jr High building); other schools still need work; over-spending on technology; 6th grade will be part of middle schools next school year, there is a school committee election next year.  There is an upcoming contract vote Nov 14th. Ed noted that the former Aldrich Jr high building is for sale.

Treasurer's Report:
Read balances in checking account and investment account.  Annual report had to be refiled due to a clerical error at the state level.  We received a thank you note for our donation towards the Conimicut Village Pumpkin Spooktacular event. We received donation request from Save the Bay, discussion took place, motion made and approved for RVIA to make a donation of $100.  Invoice mailing was a success, we will do annually.

Old Business:

Block Party was successful; was catered this year.  Lots of new faces in attendance.  Our annual hayride was canceled; this year we joined in with Conimicut Association for their event.  Message board to be replaced -land owner has granted permission; in planning process, working w/vocational school.  Karen B offered assistance w/vocational school contacts.

New Business:
2nd Annual Christmas Lights Contest in December, will possibly coincide with Christmas Caroling event If that takes place. Will have 1st and 2nd prizes. Will create and distribute flyer.
Conimicut Village Association's Tree Lighting is Dec 1st 6:30pm if anyone wants to attend.
Annual Stockholders Meeting scheduled for Dec 3rd (NOTE: Changed to Dec. 10th) at 4pm, preceded by Board Meeting at 3pm. Karen B noted that she would be interested in becoming a stockholder.

Next Meeting is scheduled for Feb 12th, 2018, 7PM

Meeting adjourned 8:20pm

RVIA Meeting Minutes, Aug 14, 2017 PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Riverview Improvement Association

Quarterly Meeting

Aug.14, 2017

Meeting called to order: 7:02pm

In attendance: Kevin & Kathy, Tricia, Linda & David, Pauline & Marc, Councilman Ladouceur, Nancy S, Barbaara R., Laura N., Erin & David C.,  Catherine M., Keith & Grace A., George W., Gail,  John Howell

No Officer's Report -not in attendance

It was brought up that crosswalks near post office in Conimicut are still a problem, are crosswalk signs a possibility?  Also, speeding on Tidewater needs to be enforced more.

Councilman Ladouceur:
Lengthy discussion about sewers. Ed continues working to try to get costs reduced. It was suggested that we set up a meeting with state officials to inquire about obtaining state funds.  Discussed some important bullet points to be brought up: timing (project put off for too long), negligence (federal funding ran out), subsidized, mandatory connections, increase in costs, roads should not be included in costs, we abut Narragansett Bay (benefits all/recreational use of Bay)

New Business
Upcoming Events:
9/10/17 - Block Party -to be catered, will call around for prices and menus
9/16/17 - Save The Bay Intercoastal Cleanup
RVIA received donation request from Save The Bay, discussion on if we should donate?
Treasurer suggested doing a mailing for dues; also include flyer for Block Party and list of events.
Someone asked about having a hayride when we do Christmas Caroling -cannot do nighttime hayride.

Discussed new message board (need to get land owners permission first); possibly get boy scouts to construct new board.

Treasurer's Report: read balances in checking account and investment account as of 7/31/17
Anticipated 2017 future expenses:  Hay ride ($300), Block party ($385 -tables, chairs, grille rental, food, drinks, etc.), landscaping  ( $800-1,000 for balance of year)

Forwarded report from Rep. Joe Solomon Jr.:
car tax phase out, abandoned property problem, bill protecting pets left in hot vehicles, sex-offender notification legislation

Next Meeting is Nov 13th 7PM

Meeting adjourned 8:57pm

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