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Meeting Minutes

Riverview Improvement Association

Quarterly Meeting

Feb. 27, 2017

Meeting called to order: 7:10pm

In attendance: Kevin & Kathy, Stephanie, Councilman Ladouceur, Bill, David & Linda, Officer Geoff Waldman

Officer's Report:

Officer Geoff Waldman introduced himself as the new community officer for the area, taking over for Officer Moretti.
Call log items in the neighborhood from Jan 1 - through present include: a larceny on Tidewater (truck tailgate), fight/domestic disturbance on Mill Cove, a suspicious vehicle on Bassett Ave (white Ford truck, plate unknown), a suspicious vehicle in front of a vacant home on Cady (vehicle left before officers arrived, home found to be secure), and the home invasion on Beatrice (back window kicked in, gun stolen, dog stolen, threats made, not believed to be random, home most likely targeted, still an on-going investigation, patrols in the area have been stepped up).
A resident asked about the previous graffiti in the area, including on the new Tidewater Bridge -Office was unsure of outcome and will look into it.
A resident suggested cars need to be slowed down on Tidewater.  Officer Waldman mentioned NITE (Neighborhood Intensive Traffic Enforcement), if we are interested, Councilman Ladouceur will have Officers in the area

Ed asked if any further incidents with the situation a few months prior where a man with a gun pointed it at police officers.  Officer stated that the suspect was taken in to custody without incident.  No further issues.

Councilman Ladouceur:

Ed made a follow up comment about home invasion -home was a known medical marijuana house and he is planning a meeting to find out more about rules and issues on growing.

Ed reports that there is forward movement with sewers.  Mailings recently went out to inform residents that they will be visiting the houses in our neighborhood to determine the best location for connections of sewer lines to houses. 
Ed also noted that Tidewater Drive will not be re-paved until the sewer project is done. He said he himself continually monitors pot holes and is in contact w/DPW .

As a follow up to the speed issue on Tidewater, Ed said he may look into getting sleds to enforce.


Old Business
Adult night - no host as of now; discussed possibly meeting at a local restaurant; possibly end of March.

New Memorial Brick order will be placed in May (assuming min.quantity met).

It was reported that we have received a few new memberships recently.

Discussed snow removal in the neighborhood - overall great job by DPW. To help avoid lawns being torn up by plows, homeowners can put in in-expensive snow stakes.  Ed said City will fix boulders on Mill Cove and will fix lawns if warranted.
Parking Bans need to be adhered to - vehicles need to be off the roads. Officer Waldman noted that violations were high in our area.

New News
Upcoming Event - Easter Egg Hunt April 15th, 10AM
Next Meeting is May 8th 7PM

New RVIA Officers were announced

Meeting adjourned 8:10pm

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