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RVIA Quarterly Meeting
October 19, 2015

In attendance: Pauline, Stephanie V., E Pacheco, Ron A, Nancy S, Bill, Frank, Kevin & Kathy, Catherine, Bernie, Linda & David

Treasurer's Report:  Mutual Funds Check & Savings 39K Investment 48K

Pauline received a thank you note from Elizabeth Buffum Chace for donations.

Halloween Parade & Hayride this Sunday 4pm. Permit was issued.

Catherine will help with collecting dues. $15 per household

Frank asked if someone could make a plywood sign to put up at bridge. Pauline volunteered.

Food drive, Please bring food items for St Mark's, Food drive will continue until week before Thanksgiving. Drop items off on porch 38 Lippitt Ave. (Frank & Tony's)

Mill Creek Bridge, Bridge looks great industrial guardrails are unsightly. Design was approved by our association several years ago.
Stephanie will call David Picozzi about installing Riverview Sign.

Seawall at Lippitt Ave, deteriorating quickly. City has not done anything as of this meeting. Pauline will call David Picozzi.

Xmas caroling, Saturday Dec 19. Hosted by Catherine & Dana Monks. Meet at Flag pole at end of Lippitt at 6pm.. Appetizers and beverages pot luck.
Please email back or text Catherine at 401-487-0054.

Stockholders Meeting . Sunday Nov 15 Frank & Tony's, 38 Lippitt Ave. 4:00 PM (UPDATE: Board Meeting for 3:30 PM previously announced has been CANCELLED).

Discussion about sewer project. Work being done on Tidewater is for Archeological survey to identify Native artifacts to determine where sewer pipes will be laid.

Adjourned 7:50pm

Minutes submitted by Frank Ferri

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