Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes - May 20, 2008

Riverview Improvement Association
Annual City Official Meeting May 20, 2008 7pm


Officers: Elaine Sears 65 River Vue, Tina Carter 62 Lippitt, Board Members: Bill Sears 65 River Vue, Erin O’Shea 67 Kenwood St., Roger Peck 29 Mill Cove

Guests: Officer Michelle Caron, Officer Bill DiGiulio, Cpt. Sean T. Collins, David Picozzi, Col. Steve McCartney, Janine Burke, John DelGuidice, Mike Weber, Mayor Avedisian

Neighbors: Ed Turner 170 Mill Cove, Dorothy Metcalfe 117 Lippitt, Roy and Donna Roy 54 Ship Street, Ron Amirault 16 Lippitt, Nancy Striuli 107 Cady, Barbara D. Poala 77 River Vue, Kathy and Kevin Eiseman 42 Bolster, Al Law 52 Bolster, Sarah Law 62 Bolster, Michael Nech 62 Bolster, Al Barnicoat 35 River Vue

Association Concerns/Questions and Responses:

What is the purpose of the digging on Lippitt?

Archeological study for the sewers

Didn’t we already do the study and who pays for it?

It is federally funded and the City is in the 2nd of 3 phases. Phase 1 included a paper trail with research, in which they found areas with remains. The machine is gently digging, and so far, they did found the remains of a young Narragansett tribe person and a camp site. If they find anything in this phase, they will move to the third phase so a full archeological dig can be done. Depending on what is found then, the sewer lines might have to be moved around the area.

Why didn’t the City do phase 2 last year?

We were waiting for analysis

Will the pipe go around the bridge and when?

The layout for the pipes has not been designed yet. The pipes for the streets will go in first.

When can we expect sewers?

2009 Construction Season (one year from now)

Seven feet of road is currently on a resident’s property on Bolster. Will that be corrected when then new roads are paved?

Resident brought a map of his property and gave to the Sewer Authority. They will look into it.

Will the cost go up and is there mandatory connection?

Price will probably go up and mandatory connection will happen in one year for the city. Sewer Dept. will ask you where you want to connect, which is usually done where your plumbing currently is.

Will the city provide a list of contractors?

City will not make recommendations, but will tell us who is licensed

Paving Airport Road?

Repaving will begin on July 6 at night. It is just getting an overlay, which will only last 7-8 years. The Mayor wanted it completely redone, but that will not happen until the future expansion of the airport is determined

Excavation on Mill Cove- Roger Peck gave an overview of the past years, stating there is still flow of water on his property

There was an intrusion on the property. The foreman wasn’t familiar with the property and asked them to return to correct it. They city stated they do nothing without a permit, and Coastal Mgmt. Was on site when it was corrected. Suggested for Mr. Peck to meet with him at a later date to discuss the natural flow of water on his property since 1958.

Will the city refill the dirt and grasses that were destroyed at the Lippitt park after the storm last year, and what about the dead plants?

Dave P. said yes, and that he would have a crew take care of it. He will also check with Kevin to see if there is a warranty still on the other plants.

Can the beach be racked?

They will look into it but the shore is rocky and the rakes don’t work well then. It was suggested not to use the CDBG funds for this.

129 Lippitt sold a few years ago to a neighbor that lives in the neighborhood. There have been several problems with parties, bonfires, minors living at the home, heavy drinking and driving at night, passed out youth in the yard and so on. They were using pellet guns last summer. Neighbors are afraid to call.

There haven’t been that many reports on this house, so please report everything! The police are working on it (Party Ordinance). Pellet guns are allowed in their own yard.

Can a speed sled be put on Tidewater once/month to help with speeders?

Be careful what you wish for!

Noticed speeding between 8-9am on Warwick Avenue.

Speeding is #1 complaint; they target 25mph streets

Can ambulances and fire trucks go over the Tidewater bridge? Yes

Update on lighthouse?

T21 money hasn’t been approved yet from Congress, but once it is, restoration will begin (its currently full of lead paint and asbestos)

Having trouble when talking to police dispatchers because street names are similar and there is confusion (snow plowing, fights, etc…)

Will talk to the dispatches about the problem; suggested giving them directions and spelling out the address (which has been done in the past)


June 29: 4th of July Parade 1 pm

July 19: Save the Bay Beach Clean-Up, 9-11am

Sept. 7: Block Party

Oct. 19: Breast Cancer Walk

Oct. 26: Halloween Parade and Hayride

Nov. 22: Thanksgiving Food Drive collection

Dec 19 : Caroling - hosts needed

Respectfully submitted by Tina Carter

Minutes - April 9, 2008 PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Meeting Minutes - April 9, 2008

Riverview Improvement Association Neighborhood Meeting
April 9, 2008 7pm


Officers: Sandra Corrente 65 Lippitt, Elaine Sears 65 River Vue, Tina Carter 62 Lippitt, Gail Gaffney 76 Lippitt, Frank Ferri 38 Lippitt
Board Members: Bill Sears 65 River Vue
Guests: Officer Michelle Caron, Officer Bill DiGiulio
Neighbors: David Woisard 52 Mill Cove, John Trorano 32 Mill Cove, Bill Sears 65 River Vue, Dan Sullivan 25 Lippitt, Hill Carter 62 Lippitt, Roger Peck 29 Mill Cove, Ed Turner 170 Mill Cove, Nick Papas 11 Whipple, Nancy Striuli 107 Cady
Police Report:

·        Vehicle was broken into on Bolster (windows smashed)
·        156 Whipple, a woman’s car was left unlocked and was broken into; the next night, two young males jumped the father (same family) around 9pm, sprayed him and then took off
·        7 Ocean Avenue, house burglary
·        kids are hanging out around Deljudice Ball Field
·        car larcenies are still a problem in the city so be sure to lock your cars; kids are committing these crimes on foot
·        there is a new staff member assigned to Animal Control who is very proactive and is enforcing the laws: if you are walking your dog and do not pick up “doggie droppings,” you WILL get a $50 fine; please carry a bag
·        as a reminder: no dogs are allowed on athletic fields or school property
·        the end of April/first of May is a popular time for Coyote pups so please ignore them as they can be aggressive
·        April is the time to register/renew your pets for license; must show proof of rabies immunization in order to get license
·        Rabies clinics will be coming soon to our area so look for it in the Warwick Beacon
·        Association Concerns/Questions and Responses:
·       What about finger printing for these crimes? There are only so many detectives for all the offenses and the calls, and finger printing is only done for certain crimes
·       Can we increase the patrol in this area?  Officers will look into it
·       Problem with kids on ATVs lately?  Haven’t seen them recently but if you have an address, please call and report it.

·        Tony’s mother passed away and the Association sent a fruit basket to the family; the Assoc. received a thank-you card
·        Engraved bricks should be here by the end of May
·        Rock correction has two options:
1) use thinner cement, engrave it and then epoxy it to the rock
2) sand it and re-engrave it
·        Suggestion was made to spell out the work “association” instead of leaving it abbreviated; Assoc. will look into that option but was worried about the length of the word; Nancy offered to personally pay for the full spelling of the word
·        A sign was put up at the end of Lippitt saying “No Dogs Allowed.”  It was quickly changed to read: “Please pick up your dog’s droppings.”
·        The new flag pole is up and Sandra is coordinating a list of volunteers to raise and lower the flag daily (contact her if you are interested); as of now, there are only 5 volunteers signed up; it is a one week commitment from Sunday-Saturday
·        suggestion was made to only raise the flag during holidays and special occasions as a continual schedule is and would be difficult, so the idea is being considered; vandalism is a concern
·        There was discussion about putting up a light for the flag pole so that it does not need to be raised and lowered everyday; after discussion about how the natural beauty of the bay would be comprised, it was decided not to pursue a light
·        Don’t forget: Neighborhood Yard Sale is May 17; an add will be put in the paper…so clean out your junk and make some cash!
·        Fresh water is continually pumping out of a pipe at the end of Whipple (and other streets) and according to the Water Department, it is an economical fix to a larger environmental problem.  Why is this happening?
·        Roger Peck reported that the city recently went on to his property, without permission, and created a ditch.  After owning his property for over 30 years and having an ongoing battle with officials about properly installing drainage, he is asking for the Association to support him by contacting the city and the Mayor about this matter.  The Association will send the photos Roger provided and a statement out separately so that neighbors can use the information to write a letter if they choose.


·        April 16, 6pm at Police Station: Meeting with neighboring associations to discuss the city’s directions; anyone welcome
·        May 17, 8am-2pm: Neighborhood Yard Sale
·        May 20, 7pm: City Official Meeting. This is our annual city meeting, which will include the Mayor, Parks and Recreation, Community Police and Sewar Department.  It will be at the Jonah Center and if you would like other city officials present, please call Sandra with suggestions.
·        June 29: 4th of July Parade
·        July 19: Save the Bay Beach Clean-Up
·        Sept. 7: Block Party
·        Oct. 19: Breast Cancer Walk
·        Oct. 26: Halloween Parade and Hayride
·        Nov. 22: Thanksgiving Food Drive collection

Respectfully submitted by Tina Carter

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