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Riverview Neighborhood Association Meeting

February 4, 2013

Attending:  Stephanie Van Patten, Brian Hebert, Desiree Schuler, Officer Danny Maggiacomo, Dan Sullivan, Bill Sears, Janet Shuster, David Woisard, Linda Hagstrom, Kevin Eisemann, Chaterine and Dana Monks, Ed Ladouceur, Patricia Amerault, Pauline Genest, Kathy Eisemann


1.  Stephanie introduced herself as the new president and the new board members.  Pauline Genest is our new vice president.

2.  Community police officer provided an overview of concerns.  He had been reassigned for a while, but he is now back.  The usual concerns such as graffiti, burglaries, and juveniles have been down in the area.  He quickly briefed the group on the most recent reports. Reminder: remember to lock car doors and do not leave valuables in the car.  Also, if you observe someone on a neighbor's property, call the police department to report the suspicious activity.   While the number of vacant properties is declining, people are still trying to break into the houses or sheds.  To address the graffiti issues the city is seeking out grants to purchase cameras which will be used throughout the city.  One resident from Whipple Ave expressed concern about people fighting in front of his house a week ago.  Officers responded and will alert patrol cars to monitor the street.  Call the police station rather than the community police station to report a crime.

3.  Treasurer report:  We received the $1,000 check from the city to reimburse us for the trash barrel at Lippitt Park.  At this point, app. 50 members have paid memberships for the year.

Neighborhood improvements:

4.  New street signs are going up. The block grant that paid for our side of Tidewater unfortunately does not cover the other side of the street.  At the board meeting, everyone agreed that it would be nice for both sides to have identical street signs.

5.  The end of Whipple will be fixed in the spring once the weather improves.  It will be funded through FEMA money.

6.  The end of Cady has a bolder now to block cars from driving onto the beach.  The city is checking with coastal to address the ditch that is forming.

7.  The  drainage issues at the end of Mill Cove is also addressed by the city and Save the Bay.

8.  Frank has arranged a meeting with city officials for April 8 at 7 pm in the Warwick Library.

9.  Joint easter egg hunt with Conimicut will be held on March 23 at 11 am.  Flyers will be posted.

10. The adult social will be held on March 23 from 6:30-9:30 at 10 River Vue.  Appetizers and desserts are welcome.  Old street signs will be auctioned at the get together.  A silent auction will also be held.  Please donate items for the silent auction.

11. Pauline will distribute newsletters on Whipple and Mill Cove.

12. Jan. 12 Neighborhood hosted a lunch at Meadow Brook Home and donated the left over food to the shelter.  Stephanie shared the thank you note with the group.

13. Stray cats seem to be increasing.  It is not clear if the cats are strays or if they belong to someone.

14. Ed  has been meeting with many of the staff people since he was sworn into office.  Has pledged to fight mandatory installment of septic systems.  He is also checking into the interest that is charged to Warwick residents.  The interest charged is much higher than it should be.  Jeanine has agreed to discuss the interest rate that is being charged for mandatory tie-ins.  He is also checking into the tax bills and sewer bills.  The sewer rate has increased by 13%. He wants to bring people to the table who are able to identify the problems and find reasonable solutions.  He has sponsored one bill to address the issue of abandoned houses. The biggest problem seems to be notice.  The process is convoluted and time consuming.  Many of the lending institutions are from out of state and no one knows how to contact them.

Stockholder Meeting - Nov. 18, 2012 PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Stockholder Meeting

November 18, 2012

Present: Nancy Striuli, Steve Williams, Bill Sears, Sam Ragmon, David Woissard, Linda Hagstrom, Kevin and Linda Eisemann, Frank Feri, Tony Capano, Patricia Amirault, George W.  Schuster Jr.,  Stephanie Van Patten,  Raymon'd  OBrian, Martha Powers, Desiree Schuler, Catherine and Dana Monks, Brenda Smith,  Pauline and Marc Genest


  • 1. Read minutes from Nov. 20, 2011. Minutes were approved.

  • 2. Nancy thanked everyone for attending. Association meetings have been well attended. The community police officer has been attending meetings as well. An update of the sewer project was provided. Right now it is not a dead issue, but the Native Americans have to agree to any plans. Unfortunately the association did not spent $17,000 of the grant money the grant money fast enough and as a result has lost the remaining funding. The new street signs have been funded with the grant money and are ordered. Hopefully they will be installed soon. . While it is a great disappointment, the association will be able to . Nancy would like to see more involvement in the neighborhood cleanup.

  • 3. 800 dollars in checking account. Trisha moved $500 from the investment account to the checking account to cover the trash barrel costs for which the city will reimburse the association. Trisha is not receiving any updates on the $10,000 CD. Nancy will forward information on the investment to Trisha and Ron. the investment account has grown by 5 percent. The only expense for this year's party was for $ 171 for the table and chair rental. Ron and Trisha will send out reminder emails to collect association dues.

  • 4. News/Correspondence: Trisha reported a thank you note for the donation to hospice care in Betsy Chin's name. $ 50 dollars were donated. Trisha filed the yearly incorporation papers. Since quite a few people passed this past year in the neighborhood, Nancy proposed a memorial acknowledgement in the next newsletter.

  • 5. Election of officers: Nancy has enjoyed being the president for the past two years, but is looking forward to someone else taking over.

    Stephanie was nominated and accepted for president.  Pauline was nominated for vice-president.  Kevin, Bill, and Sandy were nominated and accepted the position as board members.  Trisha agreed to continue to be the treasurer, Desiree will remain recording secretary, and Frank will continue as correspondence secretary.


  • 6. The annual Spaghetti dinner will take place Jan. 12.

  • 7. Adult Party: George will ask his mother if she would like to host. He will provide an update. It is tentatively schedule for March 23.

  • 8. Easter egg hunt is scheduled for UPDATED TO MARCH 23rdRD (NOT ON March 24). Stephanie will organize the event. The Connimicut association is interested in joining our organization for the easter egg hunt.

  • 10. Yard Sale: May 18. Nancy will make all the arrangements to advertise in the newspaper.

  • 11. Lippitt Park Cleanup: Proposal to have a contractor to weed the flowerbeds rather than having a neighborhood cleanup. Ron will continue to cut the grass, but would like some help in the early spring and right before the block party to help control the weeds. Ron will ask for a quote from Yardworks. Catherine suggested to move the dead sea roses and replace them with seagrass. We should also get a price for maintaining access to the beach from the other streets since the city has not maintained the access points during the past year.

  • 12. June 30 the July 4th parade will take place. June 29 everyone is asked to pitch in at 8 am to clean up the park for the parade and party. Save the Bay will hold its clean-up TBD.

  • 13. Block party Sept. 8.

  • 14. Halloween Parade and Hay Ride at 4 pm. Frank will make arrangements for Oct. 27, 2013. We will hold the food drive again so that it coincides with the Halloween activities.

  • 15. Caroling: This year's caroling has been moved to Dec. 22 at 6 pm. Meet at Pauline's house (51 Cady) and proceed to David and Linda's. Next year's caroling is scheduled for Dec. 21 at 6 pm. Linda and David will host again.

  • 16. 2013 Association Meetings:

    Location: 15 River View Ave.
    Feb. 4
    May 6
    August 19
    Nov. 4


  • 17. Frank is arranging a meeting with the mayor and city departments for the association for the spring time.

  • 18. Nancy and Martha proposed a fund for helping neighborhood members to cut down trees that are nearly dead or dead. Another proposal is to have the associaiton identify all the trees and to forward the addresses to National Grid.

  • 19. New Stockholder: Trent Ferrara and Ken Frish, Lori Daiello and Rae-Scott Skinner were nominated.

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