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Neighborhood Association Meeting
May 6, 2013

Present: Catherine and Dana Monks, Tricia Amirault, Bill Sears, Nancy Striuli, Kathy and Kevin Eisemann, Stephanie Van Patten, George Shuster, Jr.,  Ed Ladouceur, Brenda Smith, George Welly, Nick Papas, Pauline Geneste

1.    Tricia gave the treasurers report.  We have close to $2,000 in the checking account and $40,000 in investments.

2.    Upcoming improvements: The end of Whipple will be rebuild. Neighbors are concerned that it will not be prepared correctly and that the next storm will wash away the fill the city plans on using to fix the problem.  Nick reported that the city came by while he was fixing his seawall.  They have no plan to add more road to compensate for the road that was washed away.  Stephanie has a copy of the work order which does call for repaving.   George will bring up the issue when he meets with representatives from Save the Bay and the city to discuss the issues at the end of Mill Cove.

3.    Stephanie is working with the major to replace the street signs on the other side of Tidewater.

4.    Community Police Report:  It has been very quiet in the area and he hopes that it will stay this way.  He reported some suspicious activities that have been reported in the past month.  As a general reminder, be sure to lock cars and homes to discourage and prevent thefts. Party patrols are funded again and officers are out in full force in both marked and unmarked cars.   Another reminder, report any illegal activities. It is illegal in the city of Warwick to drive go carts or any recreational vehicle.  Neighbors voiced concerns about activities on Whipple Ave.  A five page ordinance has been proposed to give the city more power to address problems at private residences. Warwick has almost 400 vacant homes at this point.  Fire pits need to be contained with a stack and a screen.  Big open fire pits are illegal and should be reported.

5.    May 11: Yard Sale from 8-noon.   Nancy is advertising the event. She asks any one who will participate to post a sign at each

6.    June 29 Lippitt Park Clean up 8-noon

7.    June 30: July 4th Parade.  Starts at Cady and Wentworth

8.    August 19 (Monday): Next neighborhood association meeting

9.    Block Party Sept. 8

10.   The next membership drive should include the streets on the other side of TIdewater.

11. Stephanie is collecting boxtops in support of the school her daughters attend. Last year they were able to raise over $2,000.

12.  Ed encourages all citizens to share concerns with him. He would love to hear from people to bring about needed change.  Ed provided updates on legislation he has introduced since the last meeting.

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RVIA Board of Directors Meeting

April 28, 2013


Present:  Kevin Eiseman, Frank Ferri, Stephanie Van Patten, Bill Sears, Pauline Genest, Desiree Schuler, Tricia Armirault


1.    The sign will be posted as soon as the major comes back from vacation. He has assured Stephanie that it will be taken care of quickly.

2.    The yard sale is scheduled for May 11 from 8-11am.  Nancy will take care of advertising the event.

3.    The adult social was very successful.  About $800 were collected from the live auction of the street signs and the silent auction of donated items.

4.    Stephanie want to distribute another newsletter that includes the dates for the remaining events of the year.  Stephanie will try to coordinate the meeting with the publication of the newsletter.  The newsletters will be published after the quarterly Neighborhood Association meetings.  This will allow us to include information that was discussed at the meeting.  The addition of the membership sign-up worked well in the last issue.  Tricia received 3 or 4 new membership contributions.

5.    Frank will organize the parade.  It will start at 1 o'clock.  The date for beach clean up is June 29 in preparation for the parade.  The date for the joint clean-up with Save the Bay is to be determined and will be announced as soon as it is set.

6.    The role of past presidents was discussed.  Stephanie proposed an addition to the by-laws that will allow past presidents to be board members in an advisory role. They would not need to be elected and would not have voting privileges.  Frank motioned the proposal and the board unanimously accepted the motion.

7.    The block party has been scheduled for Sept. 8.  Kevin suggested auctioning off the remaining street signs and a 50/50 raffle, which everyone thought is a great idea.  It will be a pot luck.

8.    Frank has started to book the Halloween party.  Bill Bradley is a new neighbor who works for a company that provides hay rides.  A suggestion was made to check into the rates his company charges.

9.    On May 7 Save the Bay is meting with the city to look at the end of Mill Cove to make it more accessible and natural to eliminate the flooding problem when it rains.  The drainage issue needs to be addressed.  The bottom of Cady Ave. is also eroding and needs some attention.    The city needs to take care of that issue.  Pauline was wondering if a coastal erosion prevention program exists to preserve the beach by adding new sand.  She estimates that half of the beach is gone at this point.  Other communities are receiving help to save their beaches.

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