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RVIA Stockholders Meeting

November 3, 2013

Present:  Bill Sears, David Woisard, Linda Hagstrom, Kevin and Kathy Eisemann, Frank Ferri, Tony Caparco, Patricia Amirault, George W.  Shuster Jr.,  Stephanie Van Patten,  Desiree Schuler, Sandra Corrente, Judith and Ray

1. Minutes from the last stockholder meeting were read and accepted.

2.  Stephanie provided an update on the events for the year and the street signs.  Stephanie and Frank secured a grant to install street sign at no cost to the neighborhood.  Whipple needs to have a barrier at the end of the newly constructed area of the street to prevent drivers from accidentally driving into the bay.  A new path to ensure access to the beach is in the planning for Mill Cove.  It will be an elevated path.  This should discourage people from parking as well.

3.  Frank provided an update on the state of the sewers.  A review commission has been put together to review the sewers for the neighborhood.  The commission consists of representatives from various city departments including the sewer authority, Native American representatives, Save the Bay, and other stakeholders.  The Native American representatives have stopped attending the meetings.  The city needs to have a plan to install sewers, using revenue bonds.  The committee approved the financing pending the approval of the plans.  Financing to connect to the sewers is the obstacle at the moment.

4.  Tricia provided the treasurer's report. The association has almost $ 2,000 in checking, a $10,000 CD, and the investment account grew by 16 percent to  $43,1500. Expenses were very low, because most items were donated.  The block party rentals ran about 300 dollars.  Trent took over the dog waste bags from Bill.  Motion to accept treasurer's report was made and accepted.

5.  The budget for 2014 of $1400 was presented and accepted.

6.  Frank received thank you notes from Meadow Brook dinner. Please let him know if you would like to volunteer for this year's event. Desserts will also be needed.  Thank you notes were also received from Hospice and the shelters to which food was donated after events.  Frank also received five stock certificates that have been returned.

7.  Last year we recommended several people, but invitations were not sent.   This year's nominations include:  Trent Ferrara, Ken Frish, and Janet Schuster. Frank will find out the names of the young couple from the other side of Tidewater and invite them to become stockholders.  Motion was made and accepted.

8.   Election of Officers and Board.  Nominated:

Stephanie: president

Pauline:    vice president

Bill, Kevin, and Sandra:  board of directors

The slate was approved.  As president Stephanie asked Frank, Tricia, and Desiree to stay on in their current roles. All agreed and accepted.

9.  New Calendar for 2014

  • January: Pasta dinner (Jan. 11 at 5 pm Meadow Brook Terrance)--Frank, Linda, Tricia, Sandra, Stephanie
  • March: Adult party (volunteer will determine day and time) Stephanie proposed a pub crawl from house to house. - an email will be send to ask for an event host
  • April: Easter Egg hunt (April 12 at 11 am)-- Stephanie
  • May/June: Yard Sale--Nancy
  • June: Park Clean up (June 28 from 8-10)
  • July: July 4th Parade (June 29 at 1 pm)--Frank
  • Save the Bay cleanup will be announced
  • September: Park Clean up (Sept. 6 from 8-10)
  • September: Block Party (Sept. 7 at 1-4 pm)--Sandra: rentals, David and Linda: ice cream, Frank: grill
  • October: Parade, Hayride, and food drive October 26 at 4 pm--Frank hay ride & Sandra reception
  • November: Meadow Brook pasta dinner (Nov. 20)--Frank
  • December: Christmas caroling Kevin and Kathy will host (Dec. 20)

10.  Neighborhood meetings:  February 3, May 5, August 4, November 3 at seven pm.

11.   Board of directors meeting:  Sunday November 2 at 5 pm

12.  Stockholders meeting November 2 at 6 pm

13.  David said that he has some pictures from the summer that can be posted to the website and the Facebook page.

Minutes - Aug. 26, 2013 PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Riverview Improvement Association
Quarterly Membership Meeting

August 26, 2013 ~ 7:00 pm
15 River Vue Avenue


Attendance:  Nancy Striuli, Frank Ferri, Sandra Corrente, Dana Monks, Catherine Monks, David Woisard & Linda Hagstrom, Stephanie Van Patten, Tricia Amirault, Pauline and Marc Genest, Ken Fish, Dan Sullivan, Rich DiMauro, Debbie Keough, Jim Martin, Trent Ferrara, George Welly, and Nick Papas

Guests: Officer Dan Maggiacomo,

RVIA President, Stephanie Van Patten, called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.


To start the meeting, neighbors went around the room introducing themselves by stating where and how long they had lived in the neighborhood.

Crime Watch

Officer Dan Maggiacomo reported the police activity in our neighborhood and surrounding areas by reviewing dispatch logs from June through August.  Several burglaries and larcenies to houses, cars, and boats were reported on the following streets/areas:

Clara Ave., Rocky Point Park, LaRochelle Ave., Conimicut Point Beach, Arlington Ave., Shawomet Ave., Point Ave., South Shore Ave., Tidewater Dr., Dundas Ave., Meadowview Dr., Harbor Lights Marina, Draper Ave., Ogden Ave., Longmeadow Ave., and Rocky Point Ave.

Officer Maggiacomo stated that when reporting a crime it is important to provide as much information as possible to the police including the date and time and address.  This becomes especially important in an email.

Neighbors can use to find out any problems in a given area.

Several neighbors reported continued problems at 47 Whipple Avenue.  Issues arise when tenants consume too much alcohol and become belligerent towards each other.  This disorderly conduct happens nearly 5 times per week.  Officer Maggiacomo emphasized the need to call the police whenever this happens and to be sure to be specific and descriptive when reporting (include the house #).

Neighbors also voiced concerns about minimum housing violations.  Officer Maggiacomo said to contact Minimum Housing and to be persistent.  He stated that he would also call and spread the word about problems.  He suggested having a separate meeting with the Mayor and Minimum Housing to discuss issues.  Councilman Ed Ladoceur will be asked to give an update on his efforts with Minimum Housing that he described at our last meeting in May.

To contact Officer Maggiacomo you can call the Community Police line at 401.468.4375 or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .   To report a crime, please call 911.

Neighborhood Updates

Dues ~ Reminder to residents that dues will be collected at the Block Party

Street Signs ~ Stephanie continues to work with the city and the tourism office to have new street signs made for the west side of Tidewater Dr. to Longmeadow and Pender Ave.

Whipple Ave. ~ Nick asked Stephanie to check on the progress of repairing the end of Whipple that was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy.

Cady Ave. ~ Residents asked Stephanie to see if the city will clear the path to the beach at the end of Cady Ave.

Lippitt Park Trashcan ~ Neighbors stated that the city is not emptying this can as it had promised.  The trashcan has become water-logged and foul smelling.  Nancy Striuli said that she would personally take care of this by going directly to DPW.

Sewers ~ Frank announced that there will be a sewer meeting at Wednesday, Sept. 4th at 6 p.m. at City Hall led by Ed Ladoceur.  There will be time for public comment at the beginning of the meeting.  All are welcome to attend.


Upcoming Events

Sept. 7 ~ Lippitt Park clean-up ~ 9:00 - 11:00 am

Sept. 8 ~ Block Party at Lippitt Park

Oct. 27 ~ Halloween Parade & Hayride

Nov. 4 ~ Association meeting ~ 7:00 pm

Next meeting - Monday, November 4th at 7:00 pm - 15 River Vue

Respectfully Submitted,

Stephanie Van Patten

RVIA President
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