Meeting Minutes
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Riverview Improvement Meeting Minutes
15 River Vue Avenue
February 3, 2014


The meeting started with a meet and greet with Warwick Police Dept.'s canine squad:

*Aaron Steere is our local k-9 officer/ Community Service Officer

* He explained the dogs were used for evidence searches, building clearances (bombs) and narcotics raids

* Officer Steere explained the dogs are an asset because they are trained to save police lives

Officer Steere gave a brief history of the k-9 unit:

  • Spear-headed by Aaron Steere and Officer Paul Wells
  • The unit has been in existence for 2 years
  • Warwick PD has 2 dogs
  • Both are german shepards imported from Slovakia
  • The cost of the dogs was $15,000
  • The cost was funded by a grant and seized drug money
  • The department loans the dogs to other cities for evidence searches/building clearances/ and narcotics busts
  • The city police department receives 80percent of all forfeiture funds so the dogs not only pay for themselves- they are revenue generating

A meeting will be scheduled for the Spring so neighbors can watch a demonstration on how the dogs find evidence and apprehend criminals

Police Log: (since January 1, 2014)

*The neighborhood has seen little (non-invasive) crime

* City-wide: 602 incidents/301 arrests/968 tickets/392 car accidents/23 parking tickets/36 warrants

The police noted there have been 22 fatalities as of this meeting due to prescription and heroin overdoses



Stephanie Van Patten read the meeting minutes from November and provided updates:


  • As soon as City receives brackets they will hang the new street signs on Tidewater to finish the sign beautification project
  • In Spring, new wood pilings will be installed at the end of Whipple to prevent driving onto hurricane wall
  • The city will replace wood piling cracked on Lippit Ave. in Spring (it was hit by a trash truck)


An update on the sewers followed:

They are slated for 2017.


The calendar was reviewed and updated:

March 8- Adult Party @ 6:30- 9pm


April 12- Egg hunt @11 am

May 5- Next meeting @ 7pm

Frank read thank you letters from Meadowbrook Terrace for Thanksgiving dinner in November and the Pasta Dinner in January


Ed Ladoucer's report followed:

*Making progress with courts regarding abandoned properties

*1007 Warwick Neck Ave condemned

*Working on installing month to month early warning system where each department has to update and docket ordinances and their costs so departments are always on budget

*Also working on a system where information is digested 1-3 days before an ordinance comes to a vote

*Working on getting interest payments for property tax to be more equitable and remove it as a line item on revenue sheets

* Working on bidding process to be more efficient: as it stands even small ticket (less than $1000) items go out to bid making purchasing a long- drawn out process-looking into implementing a quicker system for small ticket items

* Working to spread the cost of sewers city-wide rather than by neighborhood-looking for equity and fairness



1760.99 in checking

45,996.90 in investment account

10K in CD

32 paid memberships

Last issue:

Adult night to be held on March 8 (6:30-9PM)





Respectfully submitted,

Pauline Genest, Vice President

Minutes - November 4, 2013 PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Riverview Improvement Association
Quarterly Membership Meeting

November 4, 2013 ~ 7:00 pm
15 River Vue Avenue


Attendance:  Nancy Striuli, Sandra Corrente, Dana and Catherine Monks, David Woisard, Linda Hagstrom, Stephanie Van Patten, Tricia Amirault, Pauline Genest, Ken Fish, Dan Sullivan, Trent Ferrara, George Welly, Kevin and Kathy Eisemann, Bill Sears, Charlie Abbate, Peter Dodge, Brenda Smith

Guests: Officer Dan Maggiacomo

RVIA President, Stephanie Van Patten, called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.

Crime Watch

Officer Dan Maggiacomo reported the police activity in our neighborhood and surrounding areas by reviewing dispatch logs from September through early November.  He said that things have been fairly quiet compared to the summer. Several burglaries and larcenies to houses, cars, and boats as well as suspicious activities and disturbing the peace incidents were reported on the following streets/areas:

Whipple, Tidewater, Riverside, Wentworth, Samuel Gorton, Cady, Clara, Pender, Longmeadow, Lippitt, Payton, River Vue, Van Zandt, and Park

Residents living on Whipple have noticed a difference in crime activity and believe that increased calls to the police are helping.  Officer Maggiacomo stressed the importance of continuing to make calls when matters arise.  He also stressed the importance of locking houses and cars as well as not leaving valuables in cars to avoid having things stolen.

Neighbors can use to find out any problems in a given area.

Neighbors also voiced concerns about minimum housing violations.  Officer Maggiacomo said to contact Minimum Housing and to be persistent.  Officer Maggiacomo is also working with Councilman Ladoceur about vacant properties in our neighborhood.

To contact Officer Maggiacomo you can call the Community Police line at 401.468.4375 or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .   To report a crime, please call 911.

Lastly, Officer Maggiacomo is working with residents in the Buttonwoods neighborhood to start a crime watch there.  He is hosting a meeting at the Jonah center in Oakland Beach on Nov. 21 at 6:30 pm to provide Buttonwoods residents information about how a crime watch works.  Riverview residents are encouraged to attend to provide comments and information about our neighborhood.

Neighborhood Updates ~ Stephanie

Street Signs ~ Stephanie continues to work with the city and the tourism office to have new street signs made for the west side of Tidewater Dr. to Longmeadow and Pender Ave.  Signs have been paid for through a tourism grant.

Whipple Ave. ~ The end of the road has been restored/repaired.  There is a path for beach access for pedestrians and kayaks.  However, there is no barrier preventing cars from driving right onto the beach.  Stephanie will contact the city to discuss having wooden pilings, similar to those at the ends of Lippitt and Mill Cove, installed.

Lippitt Ave. ~ One of the wooden pilings is cracked (a trash truck backed into it).  Stephanie will contact the city about repairing/replacing it

Sewers ~ Several members commented on the recent sewer meeting that they were disappointed with the power point presentation but they are pleased that Ed Ladoceur and Frank Ferri are working so diligently on this project.  They noted the $250/day EPA fee for cesspools after Jan. 1, 2014.  It was noted that the Native Americans are now working cooperatively with us so this is no longer an issue.  Someone also noted that Councilman Ladoceur is working with the city engineer to elevate Tidewater Bridge to accommodate a sewer line.   Our neighborhood is known as Bayside I and we are slated for sewers in 2017.

Treasurer's Report ~ Tricia

We have approximately $2,000 in our checking account, $10,000 in a Citizen's Bank CD (which comes due in March), and $43,200 in our investment account (this grew by 16% this year).

RVIA Officers and Board of Directors ~ 2014

President ~ Stephanie Van Patten
Vice President ~ Pauline Genest

Treasurer ~ Tricia Amirault                                         Recording Secretary ~ Desiree Schuler

Corresponding Secretary ~ Frank Ferri

Board Members ~ Bill Sears, Sandra Corrente, Kevin Eisemann, and Nancy Striuli

Councilman Ladoceur's Report ~ Kevin Eisemann

Councilman Ladoceur was unable to attend the meeting but spoke with Kevin about some updates on projects for us.

  • Sewers - Working to put information on-line for neighbors to access.
  • Minimum Housing - trying to enforce stricter regulations - 1 person was sent to jail for 4 days for not taking care of his house/yard.
  • Flood Insurance - working with official in Washington, DC to fight the cost increases

Kevin also mentioned a breakfast fundraiser Councilman Ladoceur is holding on Nov. 17 at Harbour Lights Marina from 8:30 - 11:30 am.

Upcoming Events

Nov. 21 ~ Meadowbrook Terrace Thanksgiving dinner ~ 5:00 pm ~ volunteers and desserts needed

Dec.  21 ~ Caroling ~ 6:00 pm ~ gather at the Genest's home ~ 51 Cady Ave.

Jan. 11 ~ Meadowbrook Terrace Pasta dinner ~ 5:00 pm ~ volunteers and desserts needed

Feb. 3 ~ Association meeting ~ 7:00 pm

Kathy Eisemann mentioned to "like" us on Facebook ~ Riverview Improvement Association

Next meeting - Monday, February 3rd at 7:00 pm - 15 River Vue

Respectfully Submitted,

Stephanie Van Patten
RVIA President

Calendar of Events 2014

January 11 ~ Meadowbrook Terrace Pasta Dinner ~ 5 pm

March TBD ~ Adult party ~ hosts Dana & Catherine Monks

April 12 ~ Easter Egg Hunt w/ Conimicut Village ~ 11 am

June 28 ~ Lippitt Park clean-up ~ 8 - 10 am

June 29 ~ 4th of July parade & cookout ~ 1 pm

July TBD ~ Save the Bay beach clean-up ~ time determined by tides

September 6 ~ Lippitt Park clean-up ~ 8 - 10 am

September 7 ~ Block Party ~ 1 - 4 pm

October 26 ~ Halloween parade & hayride ~ 4 pm

November 20 ~ Meadowbrook Terrace Thanksgiving Dinner ~ 5 pm

December 20 ~ Caroling ~ hosts Kevin & Kathy Eisemann ~ 6 pm

Quarterly Meetings ~ Feb. 3, May 5, Aug. 4, & Nov. 3 ~ 7 pm ~ 15 River Vue Ave

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