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I do not know the exact date of these photos, but the guess is circa 1895 - 1900. The "Upper Narragansett Bay, 1896" map (see link below) supports the shape and mouth location of Mill Cove seen in these photos. Special thanks to George Shuster for sending me Photo #57, "Looking South". This photo confirmed that the next in series, #58, that I had was in fact here on Mill Cove.

Interested in how the shoreline has changed over the years?
Visit the following CRMC link: http://www.crmc.state.ri.us/maps/shorechange/Warwick_Mill_Creek.pdf
This map shows different coastal surveys done between 1939 and 2003.

Other interesting historic charts and topographical maps (Links courtesy of URI):

Upper Narragansett Bay - circa 1896, http://omp.gso.uri.edu/ompweb/doee/maps/hmap6.pdf

Narragansett Bay - circa 1777, http://omp.gso.uri.edu/ompweb/doee/maps/NB1777.pdf

Check out the above maps / charts. The are fairly high resolution PDFs, and you can save a copy for printing.

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Spotlight #1

Storm Flooding at Cady Park - Oct 28, 2006


Spotlight #2

Cady Park Dedication

cady park 2006Riverview Improvement Association dedicated the waterfront park at end of Lippett Avenue to the Cady family during the September 2006 neighborhood Block Party festivities. Sandra Corrente, RVIA President, and Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian unveil the engraved stone.

Spotlight #3

Beach Cleanup '07

beach cleanupRiverview neighbors pitch in to clean up the beach and maintain Cady Park.

Spotlight #4

July 4th Parade - 2008

4th of Julyjuly 4th 2008
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