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January 11, 2016

Present: Pauline, Stephanie, Frank, Trish A. Catherine, Nancy, David, Linda, Kevin, Bernie

Officer Matt Moretti, neighborhood has been quiet. Motorcycle stolen on Beatrice-6:30am

Rep Joe Solomon - Introduced sales tax free weekend, Rocky Point License Plate
Councilman Ed Ladoucer - Submitted written report - see attached (See separate web posting in "Meeting Minutes")

Barking dogs - need to have complaint filed. can't do anonymously. Recreation vehicles are not
allowed on road & beach.
City proposing to reinstate fees for beach use at Oakland Beach. Trash has been a problem.
Nancy - Family on West Shore Road Mike, Federal Employee, Knows family that needs help,
landlord died, Conimicut Assoc, helping with gift certificate, Nancy requesting $100 gift cert for
Stop & Shop. Need linens, towels & sheets. Voted on & approved.
Pauline Preparing Newsletter for March. Will include envelope to mail dues.
Landscaping issue. Will decide in spring how we will address the situation.

Next meeting April 4.

Corres Sec Frank Ferri
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Councilman Ladouceur Report - Jan. 11, 2016 PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Date: January 11, 2016

To: Riverview Neighborhood Association

From: Councilman Ed Ladouceur

I apologize for being unable to attend this evening's meeting. I have a Special Condominium Association
meeting this evening at 6 pm. at Anglesea, which is where I live.
I wanted to provide some updated information to you regarding issues that I am working on as your

1) The Sewer project is progressing along. We have done extensive archaeological work along the entire
length of Tidewater Dr. A total of 84 Findings were discovered. This resulted in follow up meetings with
the Narragansett Indians. Of the 84 Findings, 28 were selected for further evaluation. This is why you
saw the road being opened for a second time after the initial excavation was performed. There have
been at least 2 significant Findings that we are discussing with the Narragansets at this time. The line
of communication among everyone involved, including the Mayor's office, has been excellent. Several
weeks ago I called for a meeting with John Brown, Nancy Brown Garcia (Representatives from the
Narragansett Tribe) Janine Burke form the Sewer Authority and myself. This was a very successful
meeting and I am very encouraged about the relationship and amongst the parties involved to complete
this project as timely and as affordably as possible. I am also working on some costs reductions with
regard to the installation of the sewers. I will update you as I know more.

2) I was successful in getting the Ragasta report released to the City Council and the Mayor. As you may
recall I had to subpoena the document as the School Comm refused to produce it. After reading this
report I am even more convinced of additional wrongdoings and at the last council meeting I have
docketed another resolution that requests the school department provide the council with further
information. Be assured if they refuse I will take it to the next level. I have also been contacted by one
of the Mom's very recently.

3) I want to thank George Schuster for all his help and guidance with my Side Walk committee. We have
made significant changes to this Ordinance. I/e only sidewalks that have been identified as priority
sidewalks (typically those are sidewalks that are within walking distance of the schools) will be subject
to fines for not shoveling. You will have 3 days to shovel instead of 12 hours, the fine schedules have
been increased, businesses with an ingress and egress though their parking lots are exempt from
enforcement, there will be a "No Tag List " maintained by the Police Dept., a "hardship process" that is
in place for those who qualify, the fire dept is marking fire hydrants on priority sidewalk locations to
make it easier for them to find them in case of an emergency, the Airport Corp has moved signage
along airport road and Main Ave. to make it easier to clear sidewalks.

4) I will be moving forward with the discussion at the state level regarding an appointed school committee
vs an elected. My goal is to have this question placed on the 2016 ballet.

5) I have had a very productive meeting with the new school superintended Dr. Thornton. I am
encouraged by his willingness to engage, the actions he has taken thus far with some of the school
administration, his vision for school consolidation and reducing costs to name a few. I have asked him if
he would be willing to attend the council meetings on a quarterly basis in order to open up the lines of
communication with the council and establish and accountability that has not existed since Dr Shapiro.
Without hesitation, he agreed.

6) I am going to move forward with my ordinance that will require landlords to be responsible for any and
all trash, garbage and debris that they leave behind when they are either evicted or move out
voluntarily. Look around the neighborhood at the growing amounts of junk left behind by x tenants. I do
not feel the taxpayer should have to pay for this clean up. The landlords should be held responsible.

7) Councilman Solomon and I along with 5 of our Colleagues on the Council have docketed am ordinance
that will establish a "dishonorable service "policy for the City. Councilman Solomon had did this a
couple of years and unfortunately only there was only 3 of us who supported it. Things will be different
this time.

8) Stay tuned for more!

Respectfully submitted,
Ed Ladouceur, Councilman Ward 5
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