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Riverview Improvement Association Stockholders Meeting

NOVEMBER 15, 2015 4:10 pm-38 Lippitt Ave

Present: Tony Caparco, Frank Ferri, Stephanie VanPatten, Bill Sears, Ray & Judy O'Brien, Steve Williams, Kevin & Kathy Eiseman, Brenda Smith, Pauline Genest, David Woisard, Desiree Schuler, George Welly, Sandra Corrente, Nancy Striuli, Martha Powers, Ron Amirault

MINUTES: Previous year's read- Desiree motion, Stephanie second. Passed

TREASURER'S REPORT: $48 K Investment Acct at Citizens, 9K Checking Acct, - Revenue & Exp in line with budget except for high landscaping expense. Written report distributed. Invoicing should be done for Membership - Frank will chair membership drive. Proposed budget same as last year. Motion to accept treas. report passed.


Landscaping - Neighborhood will weed on Liippitt Ave. 3x spring, summer, fall - Find volunteers weed weekly.  Ron will meet with landscaper about end of season work- Will have landscaper continue to cut Cady & Mill Cove.  Can city do it? City not consistent.

Can we Resume Bus route on Tidewater

Welcome package for new neighbors

Sewers - We don't think it is fair to pay high assessment because we are the last to get sewers. We need to advocate for an equitable approach.

Kevin: Councilman Ladouceur would like to attend our meetings but they conflict with council meetings. Could we schedule a time he can attend?


Dave Picozzi - On Friday Dave inspected damage, will determine temporay or full fix this year.

Charity- Elizabeth Buffam Chace $250 / Holiday Donations -PTA 2 families adopted Warwick Neck School- $125 gift cert Stop &

Shop ($250 Total), also gifts for children. St Marks $250 cash. Need to spend certain percentage of funds for charity.

* Will ask George S about legal requirement (* see addendum below).

Caroling Dec 19. Meet at Park 6pm - hosted by Dana & Catherine Monks.


Ed & Claudia Pacheco, Bernie DiMauro

motion Frank, second Stephanie


JAN Pasta dinner Jan 9, 1pm Meadowbrook

March Easter Egg Hunt - March 26, 10am - Lippitt Park

APRIL Fundraiser Wine & Cheese - Frank & Tony

MAY Landscaping Lippitt Park by neighbors May 14, 9am

JUNE Yard Sale June 18- Nancy coordinating

JULY - Independence Day Parade-July 3

Beach Clean Up with Save the Bay TBD

SEPT Block Party Sept 11. 4pm Food Drive

OCT Halloween Parade & Hayride Oct 30, 4pm

NOV Stockholders Meeting Nov 13 - 4 pm Board meeting, 5pm Stockholders meeting

DEC Caroling - Date & Host TBD

Next Neighborhood Meeting - Jan 11, 7pm - 15 River Vue Ave (changed from Dec 14)

Meeting Adjourned 5:35pm - Submitted Frank Ferri Corres Sec

* Addendum: George Shuster - There is a rule for private foundations, requiring expenditure of at least 5% of the foundation's endowment on charitable purposes each year. While this rule does not likely apply to RVIA in a strict sense, it is likely a good benchmark for distribution of the relatively large RVIA funds base. If RVIA were saving its funds for some larger or longer-term purpose (for example, the repurchase of land for community use), that would be fine. But if RVIA has no other plans or purposes for its funds, it would seem appropriate to spend something like the 5% per year. Note that the 5% expenditure need not be a donation to some other charitable organization - expenditure on RVIA's own charitable purposes, such as neighborhood events, should also count toward the 5%.

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